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The Park is a Connecticut duo composed of Parker Hu and Mik Walker. The Park's music style is characterized by unique guitar playing, melodic harmonies, and thought-provoking lyrics. Her most recent studio album, Time and Place, has been described as "...buoyant, haunting and poignant, richly textured and varied." Their music has been featured in CT Indie magazine, Local Band Review, Chip's Unnamed Local Band Show and in-studio on WPKN.


Parker Hu - vocals, guitar, piano
Mik Walker - bass, electric guitar




Chip's Unnamed Local Band Show feat. The Park (July 15, 2013) [ link ]


Local Band Review: LSG Spot Feature (May 30, 2013) [ link ]


CT Indie:'Perilous' Music Video Feature (May 24, 2013) [ link ]


WPKN: CT Rocks! with Bob D'Aprile In-studio Appearance (March 31, 2013) [ link ]


CT Indie:'Time and Place' Album Review (February 5, 2013) [ link ]




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Time and Place (2012)

1. You, Unknown
2. Time and Place
3. Bloom or Burn
4. We Are Only Friends
5. What's Done is Done
6. Pause
7. Perilous
8. To Never Deny You
9. Make Me Wonder
10. Goodbye, Friend
11. Killer


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Two In Tender (2010)

1. Narrative Function
2. Everything In Fidelity
3. Chaos Theory
4. Say Anything About Nothing
5. In Memory
6. Letters
7. Organ
8. Here Loud
9. 6:30 AM
10. Might As Well Reconcile
11. To Lin With Love


Here Loud (2005)

1. Silent Fight That Hardly Dies
2. Masquerade
3. Would You Lie?
4. Safe in Imperfection
5. Hopelessly Entwined with I
6. For Love of Us
7. Would It Be Wrong
8. Too Fast to Find
9. To Lin with Love
10. In Memory
11. All I Need for Life


A Short, Personal Vendetta Against the Past (2004)

1. Journal Lines
2. Ceramic
3. Nothing for this Time is Good when Blind
4. Recommends
5. Falling Down Again
6. Capital City
7. Amazing Grace


For booking and information, contact Parker at musicthepark@gmail.com.